:: Tutorial of MyBLAST ::

  • When you run NHRI MyBLAST service, you have to login first.
    If you don’t have account, you can link to “Has not registered” and create a new one.
    You can also link to "Forget password" and get a new password.
  • After login successfully, you can choose an item and run MyBLAST service.
  • Upload customized databases:
    Choose “Upload DB”,then select sequence type (nucleotide or protein); input your sequence (with FASTA format) ; note the descriptions and press “upload”.
  • After upload your sequences, they will be converted to a personal mini database.
    And then you will see the finished page as follows. We also send a message to your e-mail address.
  • If you select the first hyperlink, you will go to “DB Management” item and see the personal database.
  • If you select the second hyperlink, you will go to “Run BLAST” item and then choose a proper program you want.
  • For example, if you go the blastp program (search protein databases using a protein sequence query), you have to input sequence first, and then select a database and make suitable suggestion for parameters. When all were done, press the “Submit” button.
    After sending your data, you will see the result (and we also send a message to your e-mail address).
  • This is the result page. The default is to show top3 sequences on the list.
    We put the "text file" as well as "cvs file" result for downloading if you need.
  • You can also run other BLAST programs (e.g. blastp, blastx……etc.) and see results.

    If you choose “View Results”, you can see all your blast results saved in this page.
    You can review, download or delete results here.